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Vintage Surfboards I

Vintage Surfboards I

Vintage Surfboards I

Vintage Surfboards I

Vintage Surfboards I

ALERT:  This book is SOLD OUT! Please Do Not Order.
HOWEVER, the good news is, a similar but much, much larger version of this book will be out soon...
This massive publication has been 3 years in the making and should be ready for print in the fall of 2012.
It will be a virtual encyclopedia of  VINTAGE SURFBOARDS & SURF COLLECTIBLES from 1769 to 2012
 With more than 500 photos and price guide on well over 1,000 surfboards, collectibles, surf art, posters, books, magazines and more. This is a large limited edition hardbound book that will be hand signed and numbered and printed in full color on high quality photographic paper.
Here's an overview of chapters:
  • Wood Surfboards
  •     Solid Wood 1769 -
  •     Hollow Boards 1926 -
  •     Multi Wood 1929 -
  • Longboard Era
  •     Wood & Glass 1945 -
  •     Foam & Glass 1957 -
  • Shortboard Era
  •     The Revolution 1967 -
  •     Mini Guns
  • Big Wave Guns
  •     Hot Curls 1937 -
  •     Longboard Era 1945 -
  •     Shortboard Era 1967 -
  • Australian Surfboards
  • United Kingdom Surfboards
  • Belly & Knee Boards 1769 -
  • Evolution of Fins 1935 -
  • Surf Art 
  • Surfing Collectibles
  • Surf Posters
  • Surf Magazines
  • Surf Books
  • Repair Refurbish & Restore
  • Grading & Valuation
  • Caring for Collectibles
  • Packing & Shipping
  • Surfboard Auction Results - 1997 - 2011
  • Values (Value on each & every item within the pages)

If you you would like to be notified by email when the book is available for release, simply join the mailing list. Thank you for your interest.

Vintage Surfboards I
: A photo history of surfboards and surfing collectibles

This wonderful collectible hardcover book is hand-numbered and signed in a very limited edition of only 485 copies.  Within the pages are over 120 vintage surfboards and surf collectibles pictured in a full color matte finish.

Vintage Surfboards I chronicles nearly 200 years of surfboard history and evolution from 1790 to 1980.  Truly a wonderful reference guide for collectors and those that appreciate surfing's heritage.  It measures 8 3/4" x 11" and all the pages are of the highest quality 100# photographic paper.

This special book has appropriately been dedicated to the father of modern day surfing, Duke Kahanamoku.  The back cover image was taken from an original 24" x 60" photograph of Duke surfing at Waikiki in 1911 at 21 years of age.  The front cover is from the original 1928 oil painting by Samuel MacLeod with what appears to also be Duke surfing. 

Your book will come to you hand numbered and signed by both the author and photographer. 

When you place your order you can let us know if you'd like a special inscription.  Simply put your request in the "Order Comments and Special Requests" found within the order pages.

United States shipping; Ships USPS Priority and is $10.90, regardless of the number of books ordered.

International shipping; is $16.76 per book.

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